Adventures in Menstruating

Adventures in Menstruating #1, 2005

This is the first issue of the comedy periodical that followed swiftly on the heels of Chart Your Cycle. Each run has a full-colour printed cover. 24 A5 pages.Gendered language
Comic poetry
Personal essay
Mini adventures
Vintage ads – euphemisms make women feel dirty ‘less than fresh’
50s ad collage
Diary of a tampon virgin
Product testing: Lil-lets Extra Comfort

Adventures in Menstruating #2, 2006

The Leakage Horror issue. Each run has a full-colour printed cover. 24 A5 pages.Tour diary
Comic strip by Dan from Phlegm Comics
Interview: Menstrual taboos in the 1920s
Feature: Leakage Horror
Comic poetry
Vintage ads – How did leaking become something to fear?
Product testing: Always Freshelle

Adventures in Menstruating #3, 2007

The third issue is a bit of a ‘wartime special’ spoof. Each run has a full-colour printed cover. 24 A5 pages. Make do and mend – tampon crafts!
Feature: Meopause the Musical
Interview: taboos of the babyboomers
Poems and songs about our favourite topic.
Vintage ads – a shift in the language during the 1940s.
Exposed: The Stealth Tampon
Product testing: Sanitary Disposal Unit
…and more!

Adventures in Menstruating #4, 2007

Now with skirts! This issue is the first since our year-long wedded-bliss hiatus! Each run has a full-colour printed cover. 24 A5 pages.Vintage ads
More UK SDU woes
Product Testing: The IUD
A ‘behind the scenes’ look at our friends’ reactions to the zine.
Exploration of the recent trend in formal-wear-inspired sanitary products.

Adventures in Menstruating #5, 2009

Adventures in Menstruating #5’s theme is ‘Here’s The Sciecne Bit’ and it features interviews and articles about The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, an interview with cover model and burlesque performer Kitten von Mew, Alison Bechdel’s perimenopausal observation, the annual
vintage and modern ads smackdown, a hilarious comic from Sparky Taylor of Microcosm, brand new poems from Sarah Thomasin, a tampon-revenge-themed extract from Michelle Tea’s excellent new book, Rose of No Man’s Land, and advice on earning your red wings from Dr. Brooke Magnanti, aka Belle de Jour. 24 litho printed pages, full colour front and back litho printed covers. December 2009

Adventures in Menstruating #6, 2011

Issue #6 is ‘The Issue About Nothing’ and comments on the recent changes in ‘femcare’ industry advertising.

Vintage and modern ads, an interview with the creator of The Latrino Gals, cartoons and more. All of the zines are A5 with full colour covers and 24 black and white litho printed pages.

Comic/Poetry Split Special, 2013

The first compilation special issue is the Comic/Poetry Split Special. It features a collection old and new comics and poems from contributors old and new, plus TWO colour covers. As usual it’s A5, stapled, litho printed and black and white inside.

Adventures in Menstruating #7, 2015

Issue #7 is the back to school issue and focuses on menstruation education reform.

Vintage and modern ads, product testing of period tracker apps, cartoons and more. All of the zines are A5 with full colour covers and 24 black and white litho printed pages.

Chart Your Cycle, second printing, 2006

Cycle Girl logo which originated as the cover illustration for Chart Your Cycle

Gig poster, Edinburgh Fringe, 2015

Menstruation in horror films spoof actors' unions.

Menstruation in horror films spoof actors' unions.

Later SKIDS campaign spoof ad (right) in the style of ‘Tampax Was There’, 2010.

Dead drops of zines around Oxford during the Oxford Literary Festival, 2010.

Part of SKIDS poster series, 2009, exploring how ‘masculine hygiene products’ would be advertised.

Femfresh adbusting, 2012, original ad ambiguously recommending use internally (which can lead to bacterial vaginosis and thrush), and which caused a furore on the company’s Facebook page.

Femfresh adbusting, 2012, spoof ad unambiguously pointing out the issues.

Product testing – the ‘maxi pad bunny slippers Christmas present meme’ made real.

Finished product of my version of the bunny slippers viral craft gag.


Adventures in Menstruating and Chart Your Cycle: A fanzine series started in 2005 that became an installation and five-star live comedy show, using humour and adbusting to challenge menstrual taboos. Performed at: Women of the World Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Women in Comedy Festival, Off the Shelf, Manchester Science Festival, SheFest, Ladyfest festivals, Nottingham Playhouse. Zine featured in Printed Pages, DIY Summer at Site, New/Stand New York, Plan B magazine, Fanzines, New Blood, Time Out London, Time Out New York, TES, Fairlady magazine, The Guardian, Image Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Die Tageszeitung, The Telegraph and the Independent.


writer, designer, director, producer.


2005 to present.


print zine, installation, live comedy show, workshops

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