The Animals and the Ark and the Rainbow

I think Judaica represents a powerful physical link to my family history and culture, and would purchase more for my home if the imagery, language and depictions reflected my cultural connection to Judaism rather than religious messages – particularly religious messages and imagery that lack LGBT representation or inclusion. This sentiment goes double for Christian education resources – there are so many adorable accoutrements for a child’s bedroom or home library that simply don’t make room for LGBT communities, nor is there much out there that allows for those who are happily religiously affiliated and also identify as LGBT.
This project aims to meet the joint need for LGBT religious representation that is normalised and catered for, as well as finding creative ways to address (rather than glossing over, as this would be another kind of misrepresentation) the homophobia and heterosexism in most interpretations of Judaeo-Christian literature and iconography.
“The Animals and the Ark and the Rainbow”
The Animals and the Ark and the Rainbow is a YA fiction zine written from the perspective of one young person’s irreverent, scholarly, and brave response to that pastor who said gay marriage caused the Great Flood. The zine includes two hand-created fonts (one is a handwriting font, and the other is made up of various animal dingbats) and full colour illustrations. Proceeds from each of the 100 signed and numbered copy of this book will be donated to SAYiT: The Sheena Amos Youth Trust.

The University of Sheffield Biblical Studies Department: Hidden Perspectives

zine, craft, installation