Do It Thissen

"NMX 26"


Do It Thissen means ‘Do it yourself’ in Yorkshire English. It was an exhibition celebrating the DIY ethos that shaped Sheffield’s music scene in the 70s and early 80s. The exhibition featured record covers, photographs and fanzines from the Sheffield and South Yorkshire music scene, 1978-1982.

Contemporary artists responded to the material with new works of our own.

The opening Saturday featured a talk by NMX editor Martin Lacey and DJing by Jon Downing, one of the exhibition’s curators. ‘NMX 26’ was a collaboration with Martin Lacey that I produced for the event. I interviewed Martin and took photos at his printworks – a small, ethical business that evolved out of his zinemaking. I wrote up the interview and designed the zine as an homage to the style and layout of the original series, and Martin printed a limited run of 100 copies which were available free on the night as an honourary final zine in the series.


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